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How to use Blue Classy Custom milk

Classy Custom Milk Machine is a highly intuitive and incredibly user-friendly design. The touch interface allows you to prepare 5 milk-based beverages with the touch of a button. The integral frothing system creates the perfect coffee shop specialty coffee hot or cold (frappe) and hot milk for creamy chocolate or cold for milkshakes without leaving your home office or the workplace or the need for a fully trained barista. A commercial machine that is intuitive and customized just for you. ● Complete flexibility at your fingertips: ● Lift and remove the cover, then the... Read More

Top things you must know about your Espresso Coffee Machine!

Some people spend thousands on a coffee machine, but there’s not much point if you don’t really know how to use it. Espresso Fun Fact: There’s no such thing as an “espresso bean!” Espresso grounds are created by taking regular coffee beans and grinding them into a fine powder. What are Espresso Machines? You might make coffee in a brewer, but espresso is produced by espresso machines. Espresso machines are devices or appliances that are specifically designed to brew espresso and not regular coffee. Using a high-pressure pump, a boiler,... Read More

Eurocoffee now shipping internationally.

Eurocoffee is the UAE’s authorised distributor of Lavazza coffee and Toschi syrups, sauces, frappes, toppings and fruit concentrates and represent an extensive range of leading equipment manufacturers including Necta, Saeco, Gaggia, Franke, Fracino, Borg & Overstrom, and JTC Omniblend. Founded in 2000, Eurocoffee is a one-stop beverage solution provider offering world-class products and renown equipment brands. Our offices are in central locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have partnered with globally recognised couriers to serve our clients across the GCC and beyond. Eurocoffee provides innovative and niche beverage solutions... Read More

How to use our GAGGIA machines

Gaggia La Reale Espresso Machine Gaggia coffee machines combine 80 years of unique tradition, the highest Italian excellence and the expertise of a professional baristas, all in one. The La Reale is not just any espresso machine, but a must-have for every barista. Traditionally styled and highly dependable, the La Reale is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is entirely shaped by light to optimize ergonomics for baristas and upgrade your service. The machine can only be used by professionally trained baristas who have understood the contents of the operator’s manual... Read More

How to use LAVAZZA Blue Classy Mini, Espresso Coffee Machine

Classy Mini is a compact espresso coffee machine from Lavazza that can fit anywhere. With its sophisticated design and reliable system, it offers efficiency, professionalism, and ease of use, making it the ideal solution for your coffee cravings, whether you’re home or at the office. This machine is intended for use in households or similar low user applications i.e.: staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments: by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments: breakfast type environments. LAVAZZA Blue Classy Mini, Espresso Coffee Machine can... Read More