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Bottleless Water Solutions

Our focus is on putting the finest filtered water at people’s sides. Easily accessible, beautiful to drink, and significantly boosting personal performance. But never adding more plastic to world waste.

Our mission is to replace the consumption of bottled water with a cost-efficient solution that does not harm the environment.

Why Make the Change?

Save Costs

No need to constantly purchase individual bottles


Reduce waste by eliminating plastic

Healthy & Hygienic

High-tech filtration for 99.99% purified water

Increase Hydration

Fresh, convenient & endless water supply on tap


No more lifting heavy bottles

Save Space

No bottles to store or order

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Save the planet this Summer whilst keeping hydrated!

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Explore our full range of water machines for distilled, thirst-quenching water today.


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Water dispensers


Opt for bottleless, safe and hygienic water at the simple touch of a screen with a Borg & Overström water dispenser, perfect for commercial, office and home use. These high-end machines provide multiple-choice, germ-free, fresh drinking water efficiently and effectively, ranging from ambient, chilled, hot, and sparkling. The extraordinary innovation of Borg & Overström is ideal for a range of environments to provide luxury quality drinks to all. Explore our full range of water machines for distilled, thirst-quenching water today.

Advantages of our Water Dispensers

Protecting the Planet

Reducing plastic waste while increasing efficient energy consumption

Promoting Well-being

Easily-accessible, endless hydration

Hygiene-assured Sterilization

Independently certified anti-microbial, anti pathogen sanitizing procedure

Direct Chill

Immediate chilling process providing fresher taste and dramatically reducing chances of contamination

Deep Sparkle

Intense, long-lasting sparkling water

Touchless Dispensing


 Touch-free control via smartphone app or footswitch

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Built at an ideal height for both adults and children, the B3 also features a hygienic touch-sensitive control panel, the biggest dispense area in its class for bottles and a tamper-proof rear cover guard for safety.

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The B5 range straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will bring sophistication to any environment.

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The T2 is a next-generation digital tap system. It’s bold yet practical with a premium finish. Combined with the ultra-compact ProCore™ water processing unit, the T2 integrates seamlessly into any work area or communal space.

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The C2/C3 water cooler system brings high-capacity refreshment to any environment. Combining sleek and practical features, the tap system meets demand every time, with a simple pull of the tap levers providing thirst-quenching ambient, chilled or sparkling water.

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With its sleek tap and the compact under-counter unit, the U1 epitomises design-led innovation. Contemporary and discreet, this electronic tap will enhance any environment.

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